Nelissa Hilman’s Playful Shoes


Nelissa Hilman is what I would call an underrated shoe brand in Malaysia, because not many people realize just how many great shoes they have, to offer to the shoessaholic in every woman out there.With their new Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, you are promised playful and fresh varieties of chic and feminine shoes, that would set you apart from the rest.

The Duma, C’est La Vie and La Dolce Vita, the best selling flats are revived from last season to be presented in a range of new exciting colours with improvisations of better comfort and greater styles. Along side with them, new members are added to the family, namely Nina 80, Nina 50 and Tamara heels.

Crafted in fine Italian leather, you get a choice of many different textures such as metallic leather, textured leather, suede camouflage and leopard pony hair. The colors available range from muted neutral taupes to mint greens and event start whites for contrasting against deep navy blues, and of course the leopard prints in pony hair. One would say that they have spoilt us with many choices.

Now, let me show you three of my favorite shoes from the collection.

The Duma is a loafer flat, that is a signature to Nelissa Hilman, and it is a very chic and elegant design that can be worn for almost any occasion. I think these are my favorites of the lot! You have to love the chic Italian leather design, with lovely color combos set with a comfy sheep leather lining on the inside. It is effortlessly sophisticated. I absolutely love the Ciment Mimetic version that looks like a very chic verison of military camouflage, the washed out metallic blue and peach of the Duma Esprit Space, and also the beautiful Mint Green with a hot pink tip. Not forgetting how beautiful the close up of the Leopard Pony Hair looks.


The La Dolce Vita shoes are loafers that come with tassels. I love tassels and these shoes are the perfect combination of class and style. It is for the confident and adventurous girl, seeing that la dolce vita translate to ‘the sweet life’ in Italian. I love the boldness of the design and the very chic and statement-making tassels. Some of my favorite picks below, the Mint & Black in the beautifully styled photo, the white & black Lamb Tanzania that has very cute, subtle hot pinks; and the Baltic Mimetic with black.


The C’est La Vie ballet flats are the sweetest, cutest combination of fun and flirty in this collection. With only a choice between the Mimetic camo prints and the very sweet Citron, I have to go with the latter because the metallic washed-out gold against the lemon yellow is just too pretty! It is for the reserved preppy girl who likes to travel around in comfort – and that’s just what these pair of ballet flats deliver.

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