H&M Autumn/Winter 2014 Fashion Preview


Just recently, I was invited for the private preview of H&M’s A/W 2014 Collection at the spacious enclave of the H&M Studio. This being my first time in the studio, I was pleasantly surprised by the expanse of the interior, and how the full-length glass panels allow in a nice amount of natural light – hence allowing me to take really great photos of the fashion pieces on display.

We were welcomed into the cosy waiting area, with some refreshments and assortments of hors d’oeuvres by Nathalie’s Gourmet (which I absolutely love, her macarons are to die for) and some copies of the H&M catalogue to browse through.


After some chatting and catching up between us all, we were introduced to the affable Alvin Wu, H&M’s showroom manager – who I must say, have done a very tasteful job. He introduced us to the latest season’s wear which has nice clean and sleek cuts for the jackets and slacks, with a few beautiful sultry orange colors for summer. For winter, a selection of chic faux fur outer wear (I absolutely adore the moss green one) and some thinner inner layers to use for layering.


The faux fur jacket, and those sleek satin pants – so chic!


He then showed us some of the embellished pieces, strewn tastefully with sequins and beads, and even minimalist studs on a blazer – looks that are dark enough to carry looks from Autumn to Winter, and yet chic enough to be a statement piece on it’s own. And of course, full leather and faux leather pants and pieces that are suitable enough for the cooler seasons.


This piece just screams,”In a galaxy; far, far away…”


I love the full use of beads and sequins here against the suede material. Pretty clever!


Some sparkly & sheer pieces for layering in Autumn. 


Then we have some of the bags and shoes for this season, mostly black as opposed to the cheery bright colors of the S/S Collection. I love the shoes though, lots of sleek and straight, no-nonsense lines to pair with structured bags.


These are my favorite pair of shoes! I can’t wait to get my hands on these! 


Not a fan of the bag (too casual and crumpled for my taste), but I love the boots. Plain but sleek, as how boots should be.


Not that these have anything to do with the collection, but I love details, and this boot-hook (boot holder?) is so pretty! 

Moving on, we had a look at the men’s side of the collection. It looks very preppy and warm, with all it’s woolen pullovers and trench jackets – in very chic shades of grey. I have to say, the men’s accessories blew me away. I love the brightly colored, and patterned handkerchiefs (mankerchiefs?) slash scarves, and that necktie with its matching bowtie that has a luscious gold shimmer. The shoes they brought in this season are very serious, posh leather shoes. Have yet to see any man-boots in the collection, but there’s bound to be, I’m sure of it. The man bag, is gorgeous. I can even see myself utilizing that as a weekend carryall for short trips.


Love the beautiful prints! Perhaps that’s why the pullovers they have are mostly grey? So that men can quite easily use these colorful pieces to brighten their look.



Soft and buttery, as how a bag should be.

Lastly, I have to get back to the ladies’ collection, and show you the gorgeous accessories they are bringing in this season. I have to say, H&M has very nice and sometimes unique accessories, of good quality. I have yet experienced any tarnish or discoloration to my accessories – in exception to those which have been exposed to too much sweat and salty beach-side air. Keep your H&M accessories properly, and they can last you a much longer time. Will talk about the art of accessory-keeping another time, and show you how I keep everything tangle and tarnish-free.

Now back to this season’s collections, It’s a very delightful selection of bold, thick rings, coupled with some thick and chunky necklaces and bracelets. The collection is mostly, gold or silver with black. I spotted a few full-finger rings that are quite intricately embellished with faux stones, and an absolutely stunning embellished blue-stones earring. Gorgeous!


The earring on the left is a favorite of mine as it isn’t too thick, and looks very delicate.



Gotta love these! See how the use of different colored stones can bring out an amazing effect!



This wraps up the preview, and I really enjoyed touching and trying on some of these pieces. It’s such a thrill to want, but to wait, and expect these out in stores soon. I have a list of things I want already, and I know you do too. Available in stores this September!

Lots of thanks to the affable H&M team for the lovely gifts! 
That’s my camera, the Canon Powershot N, which had been my new buddy for quite a few blog posts, no more pathetic iPhone camera photos, yay (oh but except for this one, as my camera insists on a selfie shot)!


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