Beauty Bites With Modbox

First of all, I don’t know if everyone here knows what a beauty box is. A Modbox, is a beauty box. It is a box that contains a few samples of fun beauty items to try, before you decide on buying the full-sized product. So many times have I been deceived by pretty packaging of beauty products – and ended up splurging on something that doesn’t suit my skin. Or purchasing a color of Β lipstick that doesn’t complement my skin tone.

Such woes can now be put to rest, because Modbox is here for you to test!

You can select 3 items (by that I mean beauty samples) of your choice across 3 different categories. You get to be adventurous and try that product that you don’t want to risk splurging on… yet. Pick and pay for your order, no monthly commitment fees and no strings attached. And per box is only priced at RM9! Isn’t that great?

Modbox deals directly with each beauty brand, so you are guaranteed original products. Some of the brands they have under their belt are Crabtree & Evelyn, Murad, Ronasutra; just to name a few. A delectable variety of stuff to try is a given! Choices vary from month to month though.

I was given the privilege to try out their Modbox Blogger Kit and I had loads of fun trying out new products I have never used before, some I’ve not even heard of until now. It was quite an adventure!

My Exclusive Blogger Kit that has more than 3 items in it to play with! Lucky me!

This is a water-based eye makeup remover that works as advertised! I had my usual makeup on; waterproof eyeliner, some eye shadow, light bronzer and eyebrow pencil. With a cotton pad, I soak just enough of it to use for both eyes, and tried on one side by holding it in place for 3 seconds, then swiping to the side.

I made a swiping motion only 3 times in left, right and downwards direction – and my makeup came off, all of it! That was just my eye, my eyebrow took just one swipe outwards. I flipped the cotton pad over and repeated the same thing on the other eye, and my face was makeup free right after! It’s amazing! No more eye-rubbing like a maniac. πŸ™‚ It takes a bit more swipes for mascara, but it comes off pretty easily too. Safe for use on your lips as well. It has Vitamin B & E infused within, for softer skin when you wake up.

Swipe, swipe.. and done!


It didn’t look like any makeup came off but the cotton’s the proof! I wear very minimal makeup on a daily basis and would only go all smokey-eyed for events or extravagant dinners.

Right after I cleansed my face and applied my toner (I’m using Shiseido White Lucent by the way), I tried on the Overnight Elixir. It’s an oily concoction of 9 ActivOil Nutritive, that is a special blend of carefully selected oils for their revitalizing and antioxidant properties.


Pardon the evil-face expression. It was close to the bewitching hour.

Oily as it is, it absorbs immediately into the skin to moment I apply and massage it in. It gives off a very mild herbal smell, which I have come to like very much. I had to try applying it every night for a week to give a fair review – and the verdict is that my skin does feel so much softer (no joke, really) and it looks radiant already by the third morning. It’s not something I could capture on camera, but using it, you just know and feel the difference. This is actually one of my favorites out of this box!

I was amused when I saw this – it’s toothpaste! At first glance you would be thinking; what has beauty got anything to do with toothpaste?

First of all, it’s a night time toothpaste to use before you go to sleep. Why? Because it is supposed to help banish the multiplying bacteria (while you sleep), and allow you to wake up with no morning breath! I was skeptical at first, but no harm trying. It tastes very much like peppermint, like the kind of taste you get from chewing gum, must be the xylitol. The paste also contains 14 natural extracts, among which are eucalyptus, mint and fennel. There’s also Vitamin C, CDX (a type of molecule to help eliminate bad breath) and micro silica complex, that’s sort of a fine tooth scrub. It’s quite a mouthful, literally (YES, I JUST MADE A PUN!) but I got my boyfriend to check out my breath the next morning.

Usually, my breath isn’t that bad (or so I think… I wouldn’t know for sure, really) because I drink loads of water before I sleep, but there’re still hints of stale breath. After using Plus White, there’s definitely a decrease in stale breath and my mouth doesn’t feel too gross in the mornings anymore. If you smoke or drink coffee regularly, this would work even better in your favor.

This is quite a unique invention. A patch that sucks the acne pus from the skin, which giving it protection from bacterial infection. It’s a sticky little circle of gel-like hydrocolloid, about 12mm in diameter, that can be placed to blend in nicely with your skin.

I don’t get acne usually, and I had none to test on. Instead, I got my younger sister to give it a try. In about 12 hours of having it on, her acne bump had flattened, and the acne patch has turned white – which is the pus it sucked out of the skin. It’s quite amazing really, and I think vain teenage girls would find it useful.

I did an experiment to show how well it blends in with your skin. It’s not completely invisible, as you can still clearly see the circular patch, but with a bit of concealer, it’s quite unnoticeable from afar.

Press the patch on to let it blend in. Add a coat of concealer (I used Elizabeth Arden’s), blend with fingers, and voila!

I absolutely love it when I receive hair products! My crowning glory is my favorite thing to experiment on – and I love dry shampoo even more because I don’t wash my hair every day.

This fragrance-free dry shampoo cleans, conditions and reinvigorates hair. Especially when it hasn’t been washed for quite a few days. I make it a point to only wash my hair once every 2 or 3 days (because long hair is such a chore to wash and because daily washing can cause long hair to be brittle), so it is kinda gross when I have accumulated hair sebum on my head. That’s where dry shampoo come in as it is great for that ‘in between’ wash, without actually washing. It’s also great for when you’re late for events or meetings!

Spray about 3 spritzes of the shampoo onto your scalp. I sprayed about 6 times to capture the sprinkle of mist being christened upon my head, but failed miserably.


Run your fingers through your hair and scalp, gently distributing the dry shampoo mist.


After that, run a brush through your hair to evenly distribute the shampoo along the length of your hair, while eliminating any unwanted tangles. I’m using The Golden Brush by Sonia Kashuk.

Enriched with seaweed extracts, it also repairs and strengthens roots, while preventing split ends. It smells a bit like herbal seaweed, but slightly nicer and it feels exactly like water, not sticky or heavy. Just spray, run your fingers or comb through your hair a few times, and voila, you’re ready to head out with clean hair! This is another favorite of mine!

Would totally recommend this to thick-haired girls like me. Only you can understand the tediousness of blow-drying thick hair after each wash.

That sums it up for my Modbox experience. They have a wide range of useful and practical everyday beauty products – and you can choose what you want/need. Samples are great because you keep your space clutter-free. Within over a week, I have finished most of my samples, and I have less clutter in my beauty cabinet. Even if I have yet to finish some other samples, they are so small and so easy to store.

If you’re a practical gal, who loves to buy and try – minus the messy clutters, Modbox is for you!

4 thoughts on “Beauty Bites With Modbox

  1. Hi Ismail,

    Thank you! I actually think I look really ghastly fresh out of bed, but I apprecite you thinking otherwise. So great to have a male blogger that appreciates beauty products too! The Overnight Elixir really is something else! πŸ™‚


  2. Hey I really love ur post because u really describe the ingredients in each product, I am a bit neurotic about knowing the ingredients in the products that I use. I am also interested to try the modbox cause its so cheap and u don't have to commit on a monthly basis! Can't wait to order them. πŸ™‚ thanks for reviewing, I was on the fence about ordering them but now i'm quite certain I wanna get it!


  3. Hi Lany,

    Good to hear that my review is of some use to you! πŸ™‚ You'd really enjoy your Modbox as each item will come with its own leaflet of information and instructions. Will be checking your blog to see a review of it soon!


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