Men’s Health Cover Guy 2014 Reveal Party


It was an affair of six-packs and white tees at last night’s Men’s Health Cover Guy Reveal Party. The five finalists are at the end of the 2-month long cover guy search, organized by Men’s Health Malaysia. The event was held (and sponsored) by PLAY @ The Roof.


The party started off with some dance performances by sexy sailor ladies dancing to Christina Aguilera’s Candyman. They had a nice ring-side stage as well, so everyone can get a great view of the performances. That was followed by a short break – for all of us to go take some event selfies!



Can or cannot make it? :p (I think not quite there yet)

The emcee of the night started off by introducing the five finalists to all, and also asking them a few questions about their ideal first dates and what their best-date-idea would be. The usual romance stuff to make girls in the room swoon.

The finalists: Hafez Fauzy, Anthony Pang, John Oh, Arif Johari and Faez Nick.


In my opinion, I think Anthony Pang looks the best – even though he was wearing braces.


Then the boys decided to flash us all with their bulging six-packs.

Right after that, the emcee continues with a few games, to win prizes ranging from electronic dart boards to facial products, the main prize being four watches from Storm. Some of the games are pretty funny, and some quite silly, but it’s all in good spirits. It is Men’s Health after all!

This was a burpee contest, where five guys from the audience compete to do the 
most burpees within a stipulated time.


I found this game really funny! There are five girls from the audience, competing to throw as many ping pong balls that sticks to the cream on the finalists’ chest.



The winning girl got the most balls on Anthony. (Sounds wrong but it is what it is)

It was all good fun! Then they rounded up the games with some random lucky draws – which neither me nor my friends won any, boo.

We then mingled for a bit, met some old and new acquaintances there, and I have to commend the person who thought about giving us name-tag stickers. Makes introductions much easier! I also liked the lounge chairs we got by the window, we can see the sprawling city lights of Bandar Utama, which, despite the rain – looks stunning!

And finally, after many drinks and beers and laughter, they finally announced the WINNER!

CONGRATULATIONS Arif Johari, for being crowned cover guy of 2014!


That’s his face on the June issue, and it is also the issue with their latest revamp on the inside pages! The mags should be out on newsstands soon.


Met my ex-colleague Hilal, who is now Art Director for Men’s Health!


Our photowall photos are also very nice souvenirs for us to take home.


With my two sidekicks – one that I’ve known for about 18 years and the other 7 years. 🙂


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