The Juicing Lifestyle For Health

Hey guys, as some of you may already know, I am embarking on a wonderful cleanse program courtesy of the lovely people at Lifestyle Juicery. The most common questions I always get from friends and family who know about it, are: ‘why are you doing this?’, ‘is it even healthy?’ or ‘does it help you lose weight?’

Because I feel very unhealthy – ever since chinese new year, up until when I was away at Australia and Cambodia, I have been eating a lot of unhealthy junk food (yummy junk, but still junk) and drinking quite a bit as well; and I can honestly feel my body slowly slugging down from all those toxins and crap I’ve ingested. It’s terrible, but such a sinful indulgence I cannot help.

So yes, I have been very unhealthy (despite what my fitness section on this blog advocates) and although I enjoyed my holidays very much, it has taken a toll on my body. A lot of toxins; from the food I eat, the air I breathe and the chemicals I come in contact with – they are the reason for changes in my body and my weight. Therefore, a cleanse is definitely a top priority!

The cleanse works with taking only fresh pressed juices each day, for either 4 or 6 days, depending on the program you choose. I’m embarking on the 6-day cleanse, which means 3 days before, I would have to eat clean. It must be a diet consisting of only fruits and veggies (fish is okay) and for the next 6 days, I will have 6 bottles of juice to get me through the day. Strictly no solids allowed in this duration.

The juices will be taken in this order, about 2 hours (or more) in between each bottle. These are the flavors available, and as you can tell, my favorite is definitely the Coconut Groove. 🙂 Most of the produce used are organic, and are all skinned before they go for pressing.

Yes it is! Let me explain. Juice cleansing is NOT about losing weight, although you are bound to lose a little. That’s not the point though. The point is, a cleanse is to first and foremost, cleanse the system by allowing it to take a break. Your digestive systems are always working on breaking down all that solid food you’re eating – from the day you, as a toddler start eating solids; and ever since it has NOT had a break. The cleanse is liquid-based, and that allows your digestive systems to rest from having to break down anything.

Another main thing to remember that this cleanse is NOT designed to starve yourself skinny! The people at Lifestyle Juicery have got it down, where each of your daily juices have your daily caloric needs that consist of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Your body will get a flow or nutrient-rich enzymes from raw, pressed veggies and fruits – even nuts, that will go directly into your bloodstream as your body does not need to bother digesting them. Think bite-sized!

Mentally, a cleanse is supposed to aid you in kick-starting a healthier eating lifestyle. You will be more aware to your body’s nutritional needs and might think twice about eating fried chicken ever again, who knows?

As I am only on Day 1 of my cleanse, it’s hard to tell you that yet – I am still fighting the urge to nibble on a cookie. But according to Lifestyle Juicery, benefits include:

  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Feeling light and rejuvenated
  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Radiant complexion, stronger hair and nails
  • Improved mood and more positive outlooks on life
  • Improved digestion
  • Decreased cravings for junk food and sugar
  • Improved blood circulation and blood pressure

My sugar cravings are still intact for the time being, but there has been quite a couple of bowel movements for Day 1, and that is only after juice number two.

I would, if I had the time to buy, peel and juice everything each time I need to drink it. The problem with the conventional household juicers is that they are usually motorized, which causes heat that oxidizes the nutrients – leaving you with less juice and even lesser nutrients. It also means you cannot prepare your juices ahead of time, as they will then need to be drunk immediately after making them. Cold-pressed juicer machines are better, but also very expensive.

At Lifestyle Juicery, all juices are pressed with a specially designed hydraulic-press that exerts up to 50 tons of pressure, unlike our household ones, which results in juice that is of extremely fine quality. As this method does not force air or heat into the juice during pressing, the juice can be kept bottled and sealed for a few days in a fridge without oxidization, decay or loss of color and nutrients. Aside from that, it is also the convenience of having the juices all bottled (and numbered!), delivered every 2 days to your doorstep; with a complimentary cooler bag to allow you to bring your juices out on the go. I’d say it’s worth the price for all the hassle you do not have to go through.


I know this is probably not enough to convince you yet, but in a weeks’ time, once I’m done with my cleanse, you can read all about my experience and decide whether this is right for you. Until then, keep watching this space! 🙂

Read all about my juice cleanse experience! 🙂

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