The Black Ribbon


There’s just too much going on in Malaysia now that is just a whole circus of sad news. For one, Flight MH370 – which most probably had crashed according to the latest news, and the poor passengers and crew onboard who probably didn’t stand a chance. May they rest in peace.

Next up, the unfortunate cases of the 5 dead partygoers at the Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) due to drug overdose. (Yes, I was one of the many who made my way there only to leave in disappointment) I’m sorry for their families and friends, it was a real stupid move.

“I really hope none of my friends or family are stupid enough to take drugs. It’s a stupid way to die and it’s a waste of life. Think of the MH370 flight passengers who didn’t have a choice. YOU DO. So, don’t be stupid.”

You can’t know for sure how drugs will affect your body. Maybe you have popped a couple before and had an incredible high that got you hooked. Maybe you think you’re God because you’re just too high to care.

You don’t know what are in most drugs you buy from those dealers who are looking to make a quick buck. You may get lucky, or you may not. All the same, you are blessed with a healthy body with no impairments or disabilities. Why be so ungrateful and ruin yourself, eventually throwing your life away? What does a few moments of being high get you? Happiness? Joy? I don’t know about you, but it sounds very short-lived to me. It’s like washing your car, it gets dirty again in the end – and it is a never ending cycle.

Maybe I’m ‘boring’ or ‘a goody two shoes’ but i have never believed in drugs, nor do I want to ever try them. It’s a waste of time for the sake of self-gratification at the cost of hurting the people who love you most. Please, don’t do drugs.

*the black ribbon signifies all lives lost, by choice or by circumstance.

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