Healthy Dining At The Golf Club

Trying to eat healthy at a clubhouse is like trying to balance an upright chopstick on your head while on stilts. not utterly impossible, but requires a lot of effort and discipline. Which I don’t have (and neither do most of you). When at a clubhouse, I am a sucker for those huge club sandwiches with bacon and ham stuffed into it, or huge plates of pasta with heaps of meat sauce or those steak fries that comes with four different dippings. Salads and steamed cod fish? Forget it!

The Golfer’s Terrace in the Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC) is a lifesaver for those of you who are watching your waistline, or just want healthy food in general. The culinary team there has crafted a wonderful, healthy menu with lots of variety to appeal to kids and even grandparents, but especially to the health conscious. They have a perfectly balanced breakfast selection that has sufficient calories to keep you going before you tee-off on the course.

The menu even has nutrition facts beneath each dish, so you know how much 
calories you’re consuming. Ingenious!

Healthy food can look & taste good!
That was the main message Chef Arnold Kwok was trying to get across. Most people think ‘healthy food’ means greens, greens, greens. That is untrue because he has proven that healthy food can consist of greens, meat and seafood – and they are all created with ingredients readily available in any home. The ingredients used are always fresh and natural, none of those processed items like sausage or french fries. He even substitutes white flour with coconut flour (which can be made by throwing some dried coconut flakes into a food processor) for the desserts.

Here is the enigmatic and very charismatic Chef Arnold Kwok (right) with his sous chef on the left. His vision for clean, healthy food for the masses comes across very well in the food tasting he has generously made for all of us tonight. Hungry yet?

Bloggers and members of the media seated in the very spacious and bright Golfer’s Terrace.


So, we started off with a sampling of their blended drinks. The drinks are as follows; Mango Berries, Citrus Kiwi and Apple Spinach. I think my favorite would be the Citrus Kiwi (where you can clearly see the kiwi seeds still swirling inside) because it is naturally sweet and tangy. The Mango Berries was a little too sour for my liking, and as for Apple Spinach – people who like spinach would ilke it.

There was also another drink (not shown here) which is the Turmeric Veggie Blend, which unfortunately was my least favorite. I find it odd to have turmeric roots in a blended drink, but it might appeal to those who are extremely health conscious. Never try, never know!


We then had a sampling of the Baked Vegetable Frittata to go with the Almond Zucchini Muffin and Bread. These are from the breakfast section, and they are suitable for vegetarians. The frittata is good! I love frittatas and this is very well done. The bread and muffin was also delicious, Chef told us that this is made with a mix of almond and coconut flour. None of that bleached-white flour used in most bakeries. Plus the texture is very soft and dense, guaranteed to leave you feeling full after.

The Tuna Casserole Salad is my absolute favorite! I love love love this dish. Anyone who knows me knows I love tuna and can live on tuna for life. This is made of tuna chunks, eggs and guacamole with an array of vegetables and simple olive oil and vinegar dressing. I can’t tell you how much I love this dish. It’s also very creative, the tuna is served looking like pieces of sushi. A must try!

Next we had the Salmon with Warm Tomato Relish. It’s hard to go wrong with salmon, and the tomato relish was just lovely. It’s got bits of peas, onions and olives in it, and the sauce is a very nice pairing with the fish. I found my fish a little too dry though, but overall, it’s a pretty good and basic salmon dish.

Then we had the beef. I was like yesss, meat! (Yep, I’m a very certified carnivore) And this Slow Cooked Beef Brisket is just yummy. You can’t see it, but it’s resting on a pile of Chef’s Sweet Potato Mash that is infused with a tinge of coconut milk and ginger – it is the best sweet potato dish I have ever tasted! And it pairs very nicely with the beef, or even on its own with the broccoli and cauliflower, I can definitely eat this for days.

At this point, I was pretty stuffed (you can see how well they are feeding us, no?) but they decided to serve this very appetizing Green Curry Chicken dish. I had to dig in. The green curry is quite understated, and the chicken is tender, but also a little bland. This comes with brown rice (left) and a cauliflower puree (right). The basil leaf needs to be added into the bowl of curry for a much stronger flavor.

Finally, dessert came. On the left is the Warm Mixed Berries sauce, followed by Che’s non-traditional Sweet Potato Pie and a dollop of Coconut Ice-Cream. Chef explains that he only uses maple syrup or honey to substitute sugar, so he adds a small bit into the berry sauce to even out the sourness. The sweet potato pie is such a treat! I really love the texture and the taste. But the coconut ice-cream takes the cake! I’ve never tasted anything like it and it goes very well with the berry sauce.

In fact, the coconut ice-cream was so good, we requested Chef for some more, which he kindly obliged. I wish I could get a whole bucketful to bring home! It’s a definite must try for all who loves ice-cream. 🙂

Friendly fellow bloggers who shared the experience with me.


A digital photo frame from our generous hosts.

We ended the night with a group photo session, and also these lovely gifts from the generous hosts of KLGCC. Healthy food has a nice way of bringing people together, because we all feel so healthy and full after such an enriching meal. 🙂

Golfer’s Terrace Healthy menu is available at KLGCC from 1st April 2014 onwards. For more information or directions, please contact the friendly staff.

Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC)
10, Jalan 1/70D Off Jalan Bukit Kiara, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
03-20931111 ext 3622/3619

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