I’m Quarter Of A Century Old


Birthday sundae of vanilla on caramel and chocolate mousse 
at Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf.

It’s been a lovely and blessed birthday turning 25.

I am surrounded by loving friends, colleagues, family and most importantly, the love of my life. I am so thankful for each and every one of you. It’s been one of the happiest birthdays I’ve had, and I couldn’t ask for more.

Birthdays, these days, for me are not about the presents. Not anymore. As a child I used to count and compare the presents I would get and the more I get, the happier I am. Growing up, the quality of presents mattered more than the quantity – being a vain teenager and all.

Right now though, what matters most to me is the company I’m harboring and the people I’m spending my birthdays with. I’ve started hiding my birthday off Facebook to weed out the ‘friends’ who aren’t really friends at all. And I’m glad I did it.

My yummy birthday fondant cake from my lovely colleagues


My colleagues have by far been the awesomest (cause they see me everyday) and been feeding me with good food and booze pre-birthday and on the actual day. I can’t be more thankful for all those good times. 🙂


More gifts in form of treats and goods. 🙂

My boyfriend brought me to a really lovely restaurant, Ril’s in Bangsar, knowing exactly just what I want. And what i want is MEAT. I am a proud carnivore and I am not ashamed to have my meat close to raw (medium rare) and I had 300g of that delicious meat slab. If you want really good steak that’s worth your money, this is the place to go.

Our starters, a really delicious tuna tataki and pan-seared foie gras.


Our ribeye steak, 300g for me, 400g for him.


I need my steak medium rare. Lovely and pink on the inside.


Dessert was continued in another place called NOSH, 
which has this very yummy mango creme brûlée 

Aside from all the love, pressies and the food I’m getting, I am also very grateful for the many things (big things) that are happening in my life currently. I can’t exactly divulge in exact detail yet, but I will be working on a collaborative project with Absolut Vodka x 3editions. Details/teaser here. (UPDATE: Read all about my Absolut x 3editions journey here!)

That’s one of them. There are just so many wonderful things and I am very excited about them.
Looking forward to another amazing year! 🙂

Am now 25! 😀


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