Universal Studios Singapore 2013 – Part 2

A continuation from Part One. If you haven’t seen that post, head there first. πŸ™‚


My absolute favorite theme park! Because I LOVE DINOSAURS! I’ve always been a fan of dinos and as a child, I was a dino-geek. I love the Jurassic Park movies, all three of them, no one else does it better! A few months back I even made my down DIY dino planters. Love, love, love dinosaurs.


Isn’t this beautiful? I swear if I have the money, this would be my center pieceΒ in my home.
I love this so much!



This is a little robotic dino, that moves its head, blinks its eyes and makes really cute baby dino noises! How adorable is that. I know it’s not real but it’s quite realistic and I couldn’t stop petting it.


Another center piece for my home which I would really love. The T-Rex is my utmost favorite dinosaur, followed by raptors, and then the stegosaurus.




A Jurassic Park tour car that is converted into a drink stall.


Remember this form the movie? It was the old man’s walking stick adornment. I found this by accident after taking The Lost World river ride (bring a poncho, you will get wet). It was in a hidden corner at the exit. So lucky to have found it. I remembered how I had always wanted one when I was watching the movie as a kid.



The kingdom that belongs to Shrek & Fiona. If you’ve seen all three movies, you’ll be pleased to see just how well done the place is. The castle looks amazing!



Potion drinks for sale.





Puss in Boots the mascot, was such an amazing poser. He was totally in character.


The ogre hut.


Then Fiona & Shrek made an appearance. πŸ™‚

Another theme park dedicated entirely to a movie. Nothing really wild, most of the rides are catered more for kids but it was very fun nonetheless. I didn’t catch any photos from here because all the great attractions are in the ride itself. πŸ™‚

Then, at 5pm comes the major parade. All the theme parks gather to bring out some really amazing characters in a dazzling fashion. It lasted for a bout 20 minutes or so, but it was pretty awesome.






The dancing troupe for Madagascar! Love the lemur outfits.








Look at Prince Charming! Just look at him! Just how alike does he look to the character!





I really love this idea of human pterodactyls. πŸ˜€




OKAY HERE COMES THE AMAZING PART! T-Rex made an appearance and he’s huge and moving, and when he came up to a certain point, he just lifted his head, opened his jaws and gave that signature T-Rex roar! HOW FREAKING AWESOME I WAS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT!
Okay dino-geek gushing ends here.



Then this little bugger came along and started spitting water at everyone.


And then… a human-controlled raptor came out! It was so freaking amazing and the ‘dino-keepers’ are just acting all out to whip the raptor to keep him in place as he tries to scare the audience.


Egyptians with defined six-packs on stilts.


The Scorpion King, just look how stuck-up and into character he looks.


The characters from The Mummy.






Betty Boop, in the flesh!


Then there’s Marilyn, busy blowing kisses to everyone.



And that concludes the end of the parade. Next up, we headed over to Water World to catch the 5.30pm show. This is another good place to use that poncho of yours. You will get wet if you’re seated in the wet zones and splash zones nearer to the front. In fact, they will deliberately spray water at the audience. Just an FYI.

Lots of stunts and water splashing, coupled with some pyrotechnics and explosions.


Later on, we just went around the park again and bought souvenirs and had a quick bite to eat. There are some novelty hats outside some shops that allows you to put them on to take a photo with your friends.



Happy hour at KT’s Bar & Grill starts from 4pm – 7pm, buy two beers for the price of one. We even got these jumbo crab cake appetizers for half the price. πŸ™‚ It was yums.


We spent the rest of the evening shopping and walking around, and catching the fireworks at 8pm. The place is really nice when night falls, all the illuminated light sin Hollywood and New York are really pretty.

And that concludes my trip to Universal Studios. Would love to try the one in the United States, one day soon. πŸ™‚

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