Universal Studios Singapore 2013 – Part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve had a travel post up here. I’m definitely determined to travel more and to add more entries up here. But for now, let’s check out the highlight of my Singapore trip.

Universal Studio Singapore!

It was very sunny, hence the squinting faces. :p

Anyways, before I go on, I would like to add in a few tips for those of you who are planning to visit USS as well:

The queue is crazy, and especially on a weekend (or a long weekend), it is horrendous. Buy your tickets online at least a week ahead.

Only if you’re going on weekends or during public holidays. Trust me, the extra $50 would be worth it. Note that the express pass can only be used once per ride/attraction. At least you get to skip 1-2 hour long queues.

Because there are two rides that will get you wet/soaked. And because ponchos sold in the theme park are overpriced.

Because the food is expensive, so bring your own of you feel like being cheap.

That’s about it. Heavy load of photos ahead! 🙂

This is where they sell all merchandises from all the other parks as well. There’s a dedicated Betty Boop store and a few other various Hollywood-related stores.


I didn’t get to snap a photo with Po, because the queue for a photo op is just too long. 😦





We went for the Monster Rock show and it was pretty good – think Glee meets horror movie characters with some dancing and pyrotechnics.

Just down the road, merging in with Hollywood is the fun and vintage New York city where you can catch street break-dancing, Sesame Street rides and characters, and eat some good old NY style pizza.







Classic New York setting. 🙂




Our huge pizzas cost us about $36. Slightly expensive, and tasted ordinary. Dominos would have tasted much better and cost us less, but oh well.


“Look, a fatty chef!”



The only theme park that has the crazy roller coaster rides. And it’s also dedicated to the Transformers. Everything fast and furious can be found here, perfect for thrill seekers. Of course, the boyfriend was very excited.

The queue for this ride was a crazy, freaking 2-hour long line. Thank goodness for the Express Pass, we managed to catch the ride in less than 10 minutes. 🙂 It was one of the best rides in USS, it’s a MUST to take a spin on this. 4D adventure at its very best.


Excited little boy.


I love the fact that they sell Vitamin Water there (but it was $1 more expensive) and those Transformer head bottles are so nice!



The Cylon (blue coaster) and the Human (red coaster) are two separate but intertwining coasters. I personally love the Cylon because it’s much scarier. There are 5 freaking loops in that one!
Dedicated to The Mummy trilogy, and The Scorpion King, they built an amazing ruins of ancient Egypt. I love the stone structures of Anubis.




The Mummy ride is another 4D experience that you must absolutely go for! There was also use of actual fire in the ride, but not to worry, it’s totally safe. 😉

I will stop here for now and continue Part Two which will feature photos from The Lost World, Madagascar and Far, Far Away. Also, the amazing parade that they held in the evening.

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