Hello Bangkok!

I first visited Bangkok in 2008, and was last there in 2011 last year. This year proved to be another amazing experience in Bangkok – more so because of my travel companion (the love of my life); this being our first overseas trip together and my better appreciation for thai food.

It’s also mainly a food + shopping vacation, my wardrobe is in a dire need of refreshing. I’m glad I discovered some really amazing places to shop at, delicious food off the streets and interesting themed malls.


We arrived at the streets of Petchburi Road where our hotel is located.


Our first street food at Chatuchak market; grilled pork.


Some of our favorite local dishes; the pineapple fried rice (in a pineapple!) and mango sticky rice.


Fried insects are a local delicacy, but I don’t think I would want to munch on fried maggots.


Some Thai snacks from the local 7-Eleven.


My new favorite place to shop!


Another favorite local delicacy, som tam or known as thai papaya salad. It was our favorite, we kept going back to this lady selling these on the streets; usually from evening onwards.


Terminal 21, Thailand’s travel-themed mall.


I love how they display their sales information on a boarding display.



The famous tuk-tuks. Mini taxis that take you short distances at a very cheap price. A 10 minute ride to a nearby mall cost us only 10baht / RM1.


Food from the food court Pier 21 in Terminal 21 mall. Everything was absolutely delicious.


The decor on the San Francisco-themed floor in Terminal 21.


Sumos on their Tokyo-themed floor.


This was the absolute best, the main highlight of our food journey in Bangkok. Amazingly well-cooked street food from a road side stall. Here we have laab gai, fried garlic chicken and a mixed seafood salad. It was so delicious! And so very spicy.


The aftermath of a truly delicious Thai meal: lots of sweat + iced water


We bought loads of snacks and instant noodles for everyone back home.


Chatuchak market.







I also enjoyed shopping at Boots Thailand. they have awesome products.

Those were some of the main highlights of our trip. It had been a fun & really memorable trip. I can’t wait to come back again soon! πŸ™‚

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