Healthy, Naturally Flavoured Water

The problem with most people who complain about their weight is that they don’t like drinking water.

WATER, is one of the top factors for fat-loss. And for people who dislike drinking water; this is one of the top reasons for your weight-gain.

IF YOU DISLIKE / GET BORED OF WATER, you’re usually going for sodas & soft drinks that are loaded with sugar & calories. Some of you say hey, I drink fruit juice. But bear in mind that fruit juices have a lot of added sugar in them as well as coloring. I know, because I love fruit juice – but am restraining myself from taking them anymore.

As always, there’s a solution. Let’s cut out the sugar & colorings, and yet make water tasty. Let’s make some naturally flavored water.

It’s very easy too. All you need are:

  • A jar / pitcher
  • A wooden stirrer / spoon
  • Fresh fruits (anything except bananas)
  • Herbs (you can do without but some herbs add to the flavor)
  • Ice
  • Water

*NOTE: Each of these keeps for up to 3 days, refrigerated. So try not to make too much if you won’t be able to finish them within that time.

Slice up one of each: orange, lime and lemon. Use the spoon to squish them slightly, releasing some of the juices but not too much; you just want the flavor, not sour water. Add in some mint leaves is you like. Then add in ice, fill it to the top of the jar and followed by water, stir. Chill it in the fridge overnight and it’ll be ready to drink the next day.

Slice two limes into half and squeeze the juices into the jar. Add in a bunch of raspberries, about two cups. Use the spoon to slightly squish them again, add ice and water. Stir and refrigerate.

Take a bunch of sage and crush them by folding and pressing the spoon against them to release some of its flavor. Add it into the jar with two cups of blackberries. Use the spoon to slightly squish them, then add water & ice. Stir and refrigerate. Think of this as a natural ‘Ribena’ water.

Slightly squish some rosemary at the bottom of the jar – these herbs release a strong flavor so not much pressing needed. Add in about two cups of cubed watermelon and squish with the spoon gently. Add water & ice, stir and refrigerate.

These are some of my favorite recipes to use, but you can always feel free to mix and make your own favorites. There are so many other fruits & herbs to experiment with.

If this isn’t sweet enough for your liking, add in a tinge of natural honey to sweeten things up or some natural sweeteners. Slightly sweetened water is better than fruit juice or soda.

As you reach the bottom of the jar, the fruit bits might be a little unappetizing to be eaten. Scoop them out and make a fruit smoothie by adding some milk and additional fresh fruit if you like. Don’t let them go to waste!

Have fun and go natural!
*post adapted from TheYummyLife, photo credits to them as well.

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