Love Yourself Today

Let me tell you a true story.

Growing up, I was never the best in class, the tallest or the prettiest. I was the short, chubby little girl whom everyone called cute and I was neither the loser or the queen bee. I was just in between. I grew up thinking that some people are just born beautiful, some unfortunate and most, like me, are just born to be plain.

Boy, was I absolutely wrong. But that was my mentality growing up, all through highschool. I was always insecure about my self and my looks (but I never showed it) and I always felt small and insignificant.

Until one day, I got sick of it all. I looked at myself, I looked at my achievements and I looked at everything that I had ever done. I thought to myself, damn I’m pretty amazing, what the hell was I thinking all these years? That, was the moment I fell in love with myself for the very first time. Only because I finally came to accept that I am who I am, the good and the bad, that I am capable of changing the bad from within.

This sounds like something from one of those Chicken Soup for the Soul books but believe me when I say this is all REAL. And I officially declare today as Love-Yourself Day. 🙂 Right here, right now I’m going to list down some of the things I love about myself.

  • I love that I am born with an artistic talent. I love how I can draw the things that I love.
  • I love that I have a taste for unusual, quirky and ugly-beautiful things.
  • I love that I was born with fire and feist wired into me.
  • I love my descriptively messy handwriting.
  • I love how I almost always achieve anything I set my mind to do.
  • I love that I was brought up the right way, surrounded by loving friends & family.
  • I love my always tangled, big mess of a hair.
  • I love that I’ve spent more time laughing & smiling than crying in my life.
  • I love how I always know what I want.
  • I love how I love myself as of this very moment.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. What do you love about yourself?

I live my life by this rule. 🙂

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