Tasty Tuna

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE tuna.
Aside from salmon (which is my number one favorite fish), tuna swims in at a very close second.
I can literally eat all forms of tuna – canned, fresh, raw, grilled, sandwiched, barbecued, baked, and so on. My favorite, and most convenient-to-eat is of course the canned tuna – the spicy version or the mayonnaise spread to go with plain crackers. Mmmm.

One of my favorite ways to eat tuna.

I have always known that tuna is good for your health (but then again, all types of fish are!) but I never really knew just how GOOD they are – until I did some research.

Things you & I never knew tuna’s good for:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Rich in vitamin B6 & folic acid for metabolism benefits!
  • Reduces risk of stroke, blood clots, heart related diseases, Alzheimer’s and embolism.
  • Has high amounts of mineral selenium to help maintain a healthy liver.
  • It’s helps in reducing dry-eyes (especially those who wear contacts daily, like me)
  • High in protein – makes great workout fuel for gymmers or even bodybuilders.


A healthy serving of tuna salad with low-fat cheese dressing equals BLISS.

Here I’m going to share one of my favorite, homemade tuna sandwich recipe. I’m surprised that not many people have tried this, but because it’s so deliciously easy, now you can.


– A can of tuna (your choice of plain, mayonnaise or spicy)
– Two pieces of bread (white or wholemeal will do)
– Four eggs
– One cup milk
– Two teaspoons sugar
– One teaspoon salt
– Butter

Break all the eggs into a mixing bowl. Beat it lightly with a fork.
Add in the sugar, salt and milk – continue beating until everything is nicely mixed together.

On  a frying pan or skillet, heat it to a medium heat and add about half a tablespoon of butter. Let the melted butter coat the entire pan.

Take a piece of bread and let it soak in the egg mixture for about 5-8 seconds or until it’s nicely coated. Bring it over to the pan and cook it till one side is golden brown, flip it over until the other side turns golden brown too. Do the same thing with the other piece of bread. If there is any leftover egg mixture, you can make more, don’t let it go to waste.

Scoop your canned tuna onto a piece of french toast, spread it out evenly and sandwich it with another piece. Heat it up in the oven/microwave at a very low temperature for about one minute. All ready to eat! You may add lettuce or tomatoes or even olives for that extra health benefit.

Trust me, it’s so delicious, especially when paired with a glass of orange or cranberry juice. You can also try my favorite mango lassi recipe to go with the sandwich.

Enjoy this very healthy, very scrumptious meal! 🙂

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