Bangkok, The First Chapter

Hey People!

Ive cut down the entire stock load of photos to a few.
Im lazy and ive got work to do so pardon me for my rush.

Anyways, this here is my rough draft of Bangkok and the areas that i have visited.
Pictures below.


Boarding onto AirAsia.

Being thousands of feet up in the sky gave us an awesome view.
Bye Malaysia.

And after 2 hours or so, hello Thailand.

We landed at the Suvarnabhumi airport.
It should be 12pm in Malaysia but as it is 1 hour ahead of Thailand, it was only 11am.

So first things first, we headed off to our hotel which was:
All Seasons Gold Orchid Hotel
And i tell you, it’s awesome.
I totally would recommend it to any of you.

My dad thought it was gold ‘Orchard’ instead of Orchid.
Lucky thing we had a know-it-all taxi driver.

The one thing i love about this hotel, they hired a good designer.
Just look at the amazing typography and the mixture of bright colors against the black.
Customers who sees this feels happy almost immediately.
I know i did.

And thus, the camwhoric moment.
Oh and that stupid camera, it’s not as glam as it looks.

So after checking in and settling down for awhile, we went out for some Thai food.
And walked around SamYan and Pratunam area.
Until it rained.

So we had to run for cover inside Chamchuri Square.

They had this art exhibition thing going on and we were not really allowed to snap any photos.

But we sneaked two in anyways. XD

And after the rain stopped, we went shopping around Patpong.
A word of advice, do NOT ever ever shop in Patpong.
It’s pretty similar to Chinatown in Malaysia cos you have to bargain for everything and the price is still darned expensive after bargaining.
So, we only managed to buy one or two items there.
So not worth it. And they have very little variety.

First day done, jet-lagged and tired, we went back to the hotel for some sleep and rest.

Bangkok Day 2

The next day, we had to be early for this tour we signed up for.
We didnt exactly plan to sign up for one but we were approached by sweet talkers at the airport.
Like any foolish tourists, we signed up for the tour for 2,000Bahts. Which is RM200.
And like any other of those foolish tourists, we regretted.
Seriously, never ever sign up for tours there unless if its a 10pax or more tour.

Moving on.

So this was where the tour guide took us to. (After being late for 1hour)
The Chao Phraya River for a boat ride.

Motorized sampans which serves as the universal Thai water transportation.

There were many ‘river houses’ along the Chao Phraya.
And everyone washes, dumps and poops into the river.
So you can imagine how careful i was not to fall into the water.

At one point, we stopped by this temple where they are selling bread to be fed to these catfishes.
We bought a few packets and once you throw the bread in, about 30 fishes surface for food.
Seriously, they’re HUGE. So well fed.

DAD: Here can fish or not?
THAI MAN: No no, cannot. Here holy temple fish.

I guess he must be referring to the temple behind him.

So after the feeding frenzy, the boat continued along the river again.

We then stopped at a local snake farm.

The farm does not only house varieties of snakes, they have a whole lot of other animals too.

A wildcat, snoozing peacefully. Reminded me of Velvet.
They have bigger cats like the tiger and bengal tiger.

They have alot of monkeys.
This one was actually doing a robotic dance movement along the cage.
I kid you not.

Then there was the Snake Show.
Which was lousy. And lasted for only 10 minutes.

We couldnt wait to leave that place.
Then we continued the boat ride again to another tourism spot.

The temple of Dawn, famous for it’s pagoda-like structures.

And especially for this steep flight of stairs.
Which you actually have to pay to climb it.
Trust me, climbing up is not as easy as it looks.
And it was the easier part.

But we made it to the top.
Brandon, myself, and Tricia.
Mom and dad are too old school to be climbing this as they’ve done it aeons ago.
Plus, going up and down really will kill your thigh muscles.
Believe me, it hurts for 2 days.

Going down is the hardest part.
Im pretty much afraid of heights so it took me a long time go get down as i keep stopping.
The railings are there for a reason.

We left the temple as there was nothing else to see other than that.
And the boat took us back to the pier.
The tour guide then took us to some random jewellery boutique and then to a Duty Free mall.
And that was it.
I told you the tour was lousy.
And the guy just wanted to get it over and done with.
At least, that was the impression we all got.

So after that, we headed to Chinatown.
Yes, Bangkok has a Chinatown.
And its larger than the one in Malaysia.

Sort of looks like we were actually in China, no?

There wasnt anything much around so we decided to head back after lunch.
We took a chance at riding the Tuk Tuk.
Which should be fun…

…unless if you’re in Chinatown.

Traffic jam + Bus exhaust fumes + Road dust + 30minutes = Total Killjoy.

Like seriously.
So to say, my first tuk tuk experience wasnt a pleasant one.
And that wraps up our second day.

Bangkok Day 3

On the 3rd day, we took a 1hour taxi ride to the outskirts of Bangkok.
Just for this.

The boat ride was awesome. Really fast and furious.
The water isnt any cleaner from Chao Phraya though.
And FYI, this isnt a river, it’s a canal.

After 10 minutes or so, we reached the busy floating market.

Ladies selling guavas.

Jambus, mangosteens, and even noodles are for sale on the sampans.
And most of them paddles manually with oars.
Gotta admire the muscles on these women.

The cheeky brother.

Right after the Floating Market trip ended, we went off to Chatuchak & Pratunam for a shopping spree. So there was no time for photos.
But i can tell you, those are awesome places to shop.

And the next day after, we shopped some more and headed back to Malaysia.

So this is it for my Bangkok trip.
Will definitely be going back again, shopping there is awesome to the core.
4 days is just too short.
A week there would be just divine.

That’s it for now.
Phew! Im finally done.

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